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School Info Management

ibSIM is a comprehensive ERP tool specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of Schools and Educational Institutions.

This solution is structured to cover all the functional aspects in the depth of Schools. It provides the management of information in a time efficient manner so as that it could be retrieved whenever required. ibSIM strives to implement the Institution related functions in an efficient and productive manner thus resulting in a reduction in data error and increasing the efficiency to manage up-to-date records.

ibSIM aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity. The Solution supports various modern technologies such as – Online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, bio-metric, mobile apps, email alerts etc. School management software is agile and can be tailored according to the requirements of the institution.

The ERP modules have been designed and streamlined to automate Administration and processes. Management of multiple department functioning is one of the many features of ibSIM. To provide easy communication, student progress track, and safety of students, ibSIM connects schools to parents and students.


Why ibSIM?


ibSIM automates and streamlines complete student life cycle from enquiry to class completion. It provides an easy way to perform different activities (like Admission, Timetable, Attendance, Exam) and tasks for Teachers, Principal, Staff and Students. ibSIM System provides a communication mode between Parents & School (teachers and Admin staff) which works as an extremely useful tool and promotes a conducive learning environment. The need for IbSIM can be summarised as below:

  • Interconnectivity between Departments and Sub-Divisions.
  • Need for accuracy in institution constraints.
  • Greater demands for resource management
  • Minimal paper work to almost NIL.
  • Fees and Finances management with proven security.
  • Student data and profile management.
  • Results, Exam Schemes and Attendance etc. to be shared on a real time basis.
  • Enhanced communication to all the stakeholders through the SMS web portal.

ibSIM Modules

  • Group Student Creation
  • Admission Process
  • Attendance
  • Leave request & Approval– student and staffimal paper work to almost NIL.
  • Employee Payroll Management
  • Assignment of Class work and Home Work
  • Fee Collection and Receipt Generation
  • Integrated Library
  • Data Management and Custom Report Generation
  • Instant Emailing
  • Events Publishing & Personalized Calendar
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Communication to parents through the SMS web portal
  • Scheduling of Examination, Report card generation