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Ticket Management

A ticket management system is a piece of software used to organize issues. Create, update, and report. This can even include issues reported by internal employees.

Each support ticket includes key information about a customer service issue. Assigned to different team members, it provides real-time status updates on the problem.

An efficient ticket management system organizes information into a central location. It streamlines workflow. Eliminates manual processes, and improves communication between you and your customers.

One Inbox - Track and Manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one Inbox

SLA Management – Set deadlines for ticket resolution based on different business hours or categories

Custom Ticket Status – Create custom status as per the workflow to identify the status of the ticket

Automation – Perform multiple actions on a single ticket by automating repeated actions

Provide quick and consistent response to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies

Collaboration - Create clear and efficient workflows by sharing tickets with different parties involved without compromising on your access to them

Linked Tickets - Streamline emergency responses by linking related tickets to a master ticket that can be assigned to the main problem-solving agent


Business Process Modeling

Our Business Process Modeling Solution analyses the current process, determine the scope of improvement and advise on automation. BPM is typically performed by our team of business analysts, who are subject matter experts, and have specialized knowledge of the processes being modelled. The business objective could often be to reduce cycle time; to increase quality; or to reduce costs, such as labour, materials, scrap, or capital costs.

We provide solutions that could be Excel based or a Customised Software, depending on the process complexity and needs of the customer.


Software Testing Tools


We develop testing tools for Technology companies- Testing tools not only reduce the testing efforts, but also helps you to get your Software / Application faster to the market and sustain quality while at speed. Testing tools also provide dynamic reports as per customer need.

  • Data Mining
  • Software Tools for Product Testing
  • Software Testing Tools for Device checking
  • Software Testing Tools for Machine Testing
  • Software and Testing Tools for File Checking
  • Testing
  • Software Tools to convert File Format